Can I Sell My House in Foreclosure in Eugene?

Do you have a Eugene Oregon house that’s in foreclosure right now? Many people going through the Oregon foreclosure process want to get out from under that burdensome house and wonder if they can sell the house in foreclosure. The short answer: yes. The long answer: it’s a little more complicated, but usually you can … Continued

The 4 Benefits of Selling A Mobile Home To A Eugene Investor

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5 Ways To Sell Your Mobile Home Fast In Eugene

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4 Benefits of Selling A Mobile Home To A Eugene Investor

If you want to sell a mobile home in Eugene or the surrounding areas, turning to a professional investor may not have even been on your radar. However, many investors, such as the team at West Coast Property Group , pay excellent prices and can make the process quick and easy instead of a long … Continued

Should I Rent Or Sell My Inherited House In Eugene?

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5 Ways To Sell Your Mobile Home Fast In Eugene

Do you need to sell your mobile home? Learn how to sell your mobile home fast in Eugene! We can help you with great tips or by closing on your property personally! There is never any obligation! Check out our latest post for more! Mobile homes are becoming increasingly popular due to their small size, … Continued

4 Tips to Help You Turn a Profit Flipping Property in Oregon

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Pros and Cons of Rent to Own Housing In Salem

Home Ownership Trends Are Shifting… Keep Reading To Find Out How They Might Make Owning A Home In Salem Even Easier… Credit-score-based mortgages… they were once the primary way of buying a house… but these traditional methods of purchasing a home are becoming less common than in decades past. The American Dream is shifting and the … Continued

Selling My House for Cash in Salem

Should you take a cash offer for your Salem house? Not always. I’ll tell you how to sell any property for cash, some reasons to refuse a cash offer – and when you shouldn’t say no. Selling My House for Cash in Salem If you’re selling a property in Salem to an end buyer (the person … Continued

[How To] Sell A Probate Property In Eugene

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The Costs of Rent to Own Housing – For the Eugene Oregon Area

Owning a home — it’s part of the American Dream! Home ownership gives a sense of freedom, security, and permanence. Americans dream of growing up, finding a home, and starting a family; they dream of owning their own piece of land and proudly knowing “it’s mine.” Millions of families want a nice home, a white … Continued

Things To Look For When Renting To Own A Home In Salem Oregon

Renting to own a home in Salem, or any city for that matter, isn’t a new concept… but the whole process of “renting to own a house” is a process that most people have questions about. Well, you’re in the right place! This article will walk you through what to look for if you’re looking for … Continued

Why Rent When You Can Own in Eugene Oregon?

Why rent when you can own in Eugene Oregon? Great question! If you’re looking for Eugene houses for rent you may want to consider your other options as a potential homeowner in the Eugene area. Most locals who are looking for homes to rent in Eugene are likely looking at renting as their only option … Continued